ICO Marketing - Marketing for ICO's - Our Work Method
ICO Marketing - Marketing for ICO's - Our Work Method
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What we do

At ICO Marketing we aim to launch Initial Coin Offerings as effective and successful as possible. For that, we have our own working method as explained underneath. Nevertheless, we also offer isolated services, such as SEO Audits, strategy consulting and building up the paid advertising campaigns.

Analysis & investigation

To build an effective marketing strategy, for an Initial Coin Offering or not, the first step is an investigation and analysis of the environment. This includes an analysis of the (in)direct competitors, identifying influencers, finding opportunities and preparing for possible threats.

Marketing strategy

The marketing of any ICO should start with a solid strategy that is based on a prior investigation and analysis. We can help you with this initial investigation and with setting up the marketing plan.


One of the key aspects of a marketing strategy is the branding. An ICO should have a strong, persuasive and memorable brand so potential investors will distinguish you from other ICO’s and remember you

SEO/Paid Campaigns

SEO and PPC campaigns are key to success. SEO should be the bedrock of your strategy and paid advertising will help you reach your target in an effective way. We can set up and optimize SEO strategies and paid advertising campaigns.


One of the keys to successfully launch an ICO is to get proper engagement with the community. Therefore, it is very important to implement a strategy to build powerful relationships with them. Let us guide you!

Launching the actual ICO

Marketing may be important for the launch of an ICO, but it is not all. That is why we collaborate directly with partners that can help you launch your ICO (think of coding, legal advisement and smart contracts).

Let’s have a chat!

Feel free to contact us: hello@icomkt.com