Marketing for ICO's: the Power of Remarketing Campaigns
Marketing for ICO's: the Power of Remarketing Campaigns
Remarketing is a clever way to connect with people that already have visited the website of your Initial Coin Offering but that have not converted to lead.
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Marketing for Initial Coin Offerings: the power of remarketing 


Marketing campaigns for ICO’s are mostly divided in different stages. The first phase is mainly focused on the tokensale. This means, during this period, there is a lot of investment in marketing, aimed to reach potential investors.

During this phase of the campaign, there will be held a variety of marketing actions in different channels. Big part of these marketing actions are performance based advertising. This means that you will get measurable results and that you will be paying per click and/or per 1000 impressions for the achieved results. When you create an effective and well segmented campaign, you will be able to reduce the prices of your clicks and have a major click through rate.

One way to drive return of investment through higher up your CTR (click through rate) for – relatively – low costs per click is by implementing remarketing campaigns. Remarketing – also called retargeting –  is a clever way to connect with people that already have visited your website but are not converted to lead.


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What is remarketing all about?

With retargeting your ads will be shown on other websites or Apps but only to people that have visited your website before. It is recommendable to set up a minimum time spend on your website for these remarketing campaigns. For example, you can target these ads to people who have at least spend 30 seconds on your website and, for instance, have not signed up for your newsletter. Like this, your ad will only being showed to people who most likely have genuine interest in your ICO because they have spend a considerable time on your website, but have not taken any action.

There is quite some advertising saturation, so it is important to not overwhelm your target with too many ads. For this, we recommend you to set up a frequency limit of your ads. This way, your ads will only being shown the amount of times you indicate.


Ways to remarket

Whether you are looking to drive lead conversions or to promote awareness of your brand, remarketing is a great option.

Standard remarketing

This is great for brand building. Your ads (in this case, banners) will be showed to past visitors as they browse on other websites or apps with. You can create such campaigns on social media (by using the Facebook Pixel) or by using the Google Adwords platform.

Tailored remarketing goals

Create retargeting lists that aims to achieve specific advertising goals. Let’s say, you want to gather data of potential investors and you have a blog. Let’s say one of your articles is of high interest of potential investors, you can create an remarketing audience of people that have read that particular blog post, but have not converted into lead. You can than create a campaign with banners that has a call to action to sign up for your newsletter to receive more content of their interest.

If you are using the Google Adwords platform, the easiest way to create such audiences is by using Google Analytics and link your Adwords account to your Analytics account.


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Search remarketing

This type of remarketing is focussed on search engine advertising. You can create campaigns linked to your regular search campaigns. Within these campaigns, you target follow-up searches from people who have already searched within the last 90 days for that keyword. These users are most likely to be interested in your ICO or to convert, because they have shown to be actively seeking for your keywords.


There are multiple ways to do remarketing. You can do search remarketing, marketing by displaying banner ads on websites or Apps that users of your website visit, remarketing focussed on video (within YouTube or within other websites that allow video advertising) and on social media (there is a huge variety of formats that can be used within social media).


Retargeting & Quality Scores

Apart from being able to get a good return of investment, remarketing campaigns can help you boost your quality score on Google Adwords (or, if you are using Facebook’s advertising platform; relevance score). When you use these advertising platforms, the quality score of each individual campaign influences on the general score of your account. The higher the quality score, the lower the cost per clicks.

To conclude, we think a remarketing strategy can not miss within your ICO’s marketing plan. It is a great way to do branding, to drive people down the conversion funnel and to get a good return of investment.


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